Our group workshops are structured to include theory, practical exercises and group discussion in a safe environment.  We also work with individuals and tailor sessions depending on their needs.

Sessions are a mixture of short, trainer-led presentations on theory, video clip examples, communication exercises and participant’s presentations which are filmed by our professional camera person, reviewed and sensitively critiqued.

Participants will learn to structure their thoughts and engage their audiences. We adapt the sessions according to ability and requirements – and if necessary, according to specific upcoming key events.





The CMO of Costa Coffee wanted to give her Global Marketing Department communication and presentation training to harness their existing skills and take them to the next level.

Opting for our 'Confidence Through Communication' workshop offered a holistic but practical approach. Working with groups of 6 people at a time over two days, 40 members of the department were assisted in developing these vital skills.

"Some training courses are fluffy but this is anything but",

"The best course I've been on all year"

"Luisa and Louisa are such inspirational trainers" 





One of the biggest event organisers in the world, Clarion Events, asked us to provide Corporate Media Training for their senior leadership team. We explained how to approach media interviews and put participants through their paces with mock TV and radio interviews based on crisis news scenarios tailored to their industry.


This sort of training also highlighted gaps in their messaging which businesses find extremely useful. 

“We’ve engaged with a number of media training agencies before, but the Composure team offer something unique and invaluable. The combination of their real-world experience of being journalists, together with a training programme tailored exactly to the needs of our business was incredibly powerful and effective.”




As part of their 'Women@Goodwin' initiative, global law firm Goodwin engaged Composure Media to run a workshop at their Boston offices in the USA. 


We spoke to the group about our experiences in broadcasting, navigating what was a male dominated environment when we joined the industry. We then led a number of practical exercises to highlight the need for strong communication skills in leadership including body language and voice control. Practical and fun at the same time, the workshop was a huge success.

"Another day, another brilliant program with two brilliant journalists, Louisa Preston and Luisa Baldini from Composure Media extending our conversation from presence to action through a dynamic communications workshop."




Asset managers are well used to presenting but at River & Mercantile Asset Management, one fund manager wanted to overhaul his team's presenting style.


Over one and a half days, we trained the small team to work on storytelling and condensing their existing presentations - focusing on both oral and visual content - to engage more with their audiences.


The training also allowed the team to identify where their messaging could be more joined up.

"With other training we get back to our desks and don't really know how to put it into practice, but with your training we feel we are rung number 3 and we know exactly what we have to do to get to number 5."





A CEO approached us six months into her new tenure. She'd presented to the board many times and whilst she didn't love it, she knew she could do it because she could rely on the facts and the figures.


When it came to addressing all the employees at her new organisation at their annual general conference, she knew that as the new CEO that she needed to stand out as a leader.

Working with her virtually on Face Time, we helped her understand how to make a connection with her audience, how to use storytelling and how to arrange the content she had written to make the most impact.




We were asked to provide panel training for a Senior Partner at Gerald Eve. She was extremely experienced in her field and was a good communicator but wanted to make sure she was fully equipped to make the most of the opportunity.


She particularly wanted help dealing with difficult questions. We built a scenario around her subject and made a mock panel so she could experience what it would be like to be questioned by a moderator and how to position herself among other panelists.  We gave her tips and techniques to help her communicate with impact so she would engage the audience from the very start.

Following the session she said she felt much more equipped to deal with the situation and felt confident she could position herself as a leader.


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