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How do you land deals down the lens now that remote working is here to stay? It takes confidence but also skill when you can’t press the flesh or read the room like you used to. 


As presenters, who spent their lives in front of the camera needing to land stories with millions of viewers, we will teach you how to engage your target audience. 



  • Virtual set ups - lighting, eye contact and what to wear

  • Structuring your content for success

  • Presentation tips

  • Voice delivery: pace, pitch and how to avoid sounding monotone

  • Executive Presence & Body Language 

  • Communicating with Impact & Energy on camera



Confidence is one the biggest barriers for people in business; from putting yourself forward for opportunities, reaching leadership positions or returning to work after a break. If you know you can engage an audience and communicate with impact, a confidence sets in that transforms how you feel about speaking in front of people.  It also transforms their perception of you. 




  • How to boost your confidence in business 

  • Elevator Pitch 

  • Introduction to Personal Branding

  • Structuring your content for success

  • Storytelling 

  • Communicating with Impact 

  • Presentation tips

  • Voice delivery: pace, pitch and how to avoid sounding monotone

  • Virtual set ups

  • Executive Presence & Body Language

  • Answering tricky questions

  • Getting your voice heard in meetings

  • Dealing with nerves

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Ideal for bigger team building events.  


This fast paced interactive workshop provides a quick deep dive session into impactful business communication.  It includes theory and group practicals.


  • Structuring your content for success

  • Presentation tips

  • Voice delivery: pace, pitch and how to avoid sounding monotone

  • Virtual set ups - lighting, eye contact and what to wear

  • Executive Presence, what is your body language communicating

  • Elevator Pitch theory

  • Communicating with Impact on camera

  • Storytelling



Perfect for a large audience, this image rich talk and Q&A lasts between 60 -75 minutes


  • Stories from our year's covering big news stories like the Amanda Knox trial 

  • Challenges of working in breaking news for the BBC

  • Navigating a male dominated industry

  • Broadcasting skills transferable to business

  • Communicating with Impact on camera - virtual set ups

  • How to boost your confidence in business 

  • Techniques to cope with nerves



All our workshops and courses can be delivered for female-only groups.


We provide a safe space for women to share their experiences and anxieties when it comes to presenting and communicating with impact within particularly male dominated industries.


Courses can culminate with a live panel event or Ted X style presentation for participants to be able to showcase their skills to a wider, business audience.

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We spent more than twenty years putting interviewees on the spot so we are well placed to put you through your paces.  Our bespoke practical training will enable you to take full advantage of any media appearance.  We recreate the pressure of a media interview by recording mock interviews using a TV camera operator.


  • What makes journalists tick & what they’re looking for

  • The essential questions to ask before an interview

  • How to create your core media message

  • Delivering soundbites

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Dealing with difficult questions

  • Body Language on camera

  • What to wear on camera

  • Dealing with nerves



Whether you’re arranging a large global conference for a multi-national audience, or producing an internal staff event, we will make sure that proceedings run smoothly, on time and importantly stay on message.  


Selected clients we’ve facilitated events for: McKinsey, Nissan, Cisco, Huawei, Urban Land Institute, Home Office UK Government, Squire Patton Boggs, ITN Productions.



Being on a panel is a great opportunity to share your expertise and position yourself as a leader in your field.  Our training will help you stand out, engage your audience and deal with any tricky questions.  With a real push for more women on panels we are well placed to pass on our years of experience, not only taking part in panels but as moderators too.  We’ll put you through your paces with a mock panel scenario based on your area of expertise and will help you with your body language and storytelling.



  • Delivery and performance techniques to engage your audience

  • How to communicate your core messages

  • Use memorable stories 

  • Body Language

  • Tips on being a good panellist



  • Preparation before event/questions

  • Tips on how to engage with panellists 

  • How to increase audience interaction

  • Time management

  • Selecting key high-lights