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“Thank you so much for coaching us using your incredible experience!  I’ve heard multiple stories today from attendees who came away with new ideas that they are inspired to act on.  It was one of our most well attended and popular events.” 

Jacqui Chin 

European General Manager


 “Thank you for an amazing webinar today, we’ve already received really positive feedback including: “This was an amazing call - Louisa and Louisa were fabulous, I loved the content.  I always appreciate when a presenter understands that one powerful picture speaks volumes compared to text.”

Melissa Volpe

UBS - New York


"I have been really excited about the course and have loved what you have done.


We are really delighted, you have made a real difference, thank you!“ 

Siân­ Tunney

UK Board Director


“The course has been described as the best I've ever been on, insightful and therefore actionable, and a key set of skills that are critical in today's business environment. I would highly recommend the training and coaches.”

Sarah Barron

Global CMO


“Thank you so much for the insightful and engaging session yesterday at our virtual away day. I have already had some amazing feedback the team were incredibly impressed not only did it take us out of our comfort zones and teach us something new, it helped us to get to know each other better. I hope we can work with you again soon”

Elizabeth Fisher-Robbins

Head of Industry News


"Our media training seminar delivered by Composure Media was engaging and full of helpful advice and interesting anecdotes from two knowledgeable and experienced consultants.  The practical sessions were very well done and the accompanying seminar booklet was comprehensive and informative."

Richard Eccles



“I've had the pleasure to work with Luisa and Louisa, over the past few months, to co-ordinate our internal speaker training programme. They're extremely professional  in the way they deliver and organise the training.  The content was perfectly pitched and engaging.  Colleagues have been able to put their new skills in to practise benefitting the organisation immediately.”

Jo Sweenie

Homes England UK Gov.


“The Composure team offer something unique and invaluable. The combination of their real-world experience of being journalists, together with a training programme tailored exactly to the needs of our business was incredibly powerful and effective.”

Russell Wilcox



“The biggest barrier to attracting, retaining and progressing females in the tech sector is confidence. The Institute of Coding is proud to have sponsored your workshop during London Tech Week. Love your work and really enjoyed the challenges and interventions.”

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE 



"Thank you for the session you led with our team at Vodafone.


We’re putting into practise all your training and advice and it's changing the way we approach our customer presentations on video"

Peter Baker

Head of Finance


“The training for our senior management team was incredibly valuable. Their knowledge spanned the US and UK media environments, which made them uniquely positioned for training that was most productive.”

Justine Gamez

Head of Communications


"The communicating with confidence workshop was incredibly well-received from our attendees, which included partners and associates alike, and we have already received requests to bring Composure Media back to the firm for additional training! "

Carrie Gilman

Diversity & Inclusion Manager 

Goodwin Logo.png

"Composure Media did an extremely professional job. Myself and my team of directors were very impressed with the team and learnt so much, which will stand us in good stead. I will without doubt use Composure Media again."

Iain Anderson

Chief Executive


“We’ve used Composure Media to train a number of our most senior staff. They were united in their praise both for the rigorous training and the extremely constructive feedback. What shone through was the experience of their trainers. Luisa and Louisa have worked at the sharp end of news at the highest level and it shows.”

Marek Pruszewicz

Director of Communications

ippf logo.png

"The Marines commented that your discussion prior to the mock interviews was the highlight of the Symposium as you provided real world insight and a deeper understanding of the media’s perspective especially as it relates to the interview process."

Dan Fernandes

US Marine Commander


"Luisa and Louisa were a pleasure to work with. Their industry insight, professionalism and presentation training were invaluable to us. They responded quickly and efficiently to our requirements, providing the additional support and more importantly the encouragement we needed at a critical stage in our project."

Emma Fletcher

Managing Director


"Thank you for your incredible advice and great presentation tips. I incorporated all your pointers into my speech and my presentation to more than 150 people was extremely well received. I got lots of compliments and I look forward to working with you more in the future."

Sanaz Kafayi Raczynski

Head of Sustainability


"Louisa and Luisa were excellent.  Practical, clear and obviously have a lot of experience.  


I came away with some very concrete ideas about how to improve.


Thank you for arranging – very valuable"

Paul Jennings

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